Scientists and medical doctors are unable to find a cure for cancer because they haven't solved "the puzzle that has baffled cancer investigators: Why do many cells that have cancer genes never turn cancerous?" The answer is simple, cancer can develop in 60% of people with certain cancer genes because they have a lack of Love Energies, but 40% of people with the same cancer genes do not get cancer because they have sufficient Love Energies in their bodies.

People are able to self heal cancer if they heal both the cause and the effect of their cancer. The effect of one's cancer is cancerous cells, however, karma is the source or cause of one's cancer. Recent scientific studies verify cancer mutations are karmic. A recent scientific report states cancer occurs in unknown "regions that control genes, not in the genes".

Scientific studies prove 60% of people who have certain genes in their DNA will get cancer. But, neither scientists nor medical doctors can explain why 40% of people with the same genes will not get cancer, because science and MDs refuse to admit the existence of karma and reincarnation.

What is Cancer? The dictionary's definition leads one to ask common sense questions about cancer and our common sense answers show you how our amazing ways of using Unconditional Love Energies and Love Energized Healing Crystals will enable you to self heal your cancer. Read More

Why and How does One get Cancer? Our ancient and modern wisdom fully explains how one gets cancer and why our 100% safe, effective Love Energy Healing Techniques enable one to self heal oneself of cancer. Read More

History of Love Energy Healing Treatments. Love Energy Healing Adepts have been giving safe and effective healing treatments for thousands of years. Thoth Hermes Trismegistus, Seshat, Jesus/Yeshua, Mary Magdalene and others, gave people Love Energy Healing Treatments. Read More

Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Cancer. We offer you a way to use 8 of our Love Energy Techniques recordings and 10 Love Energized Healing Crystals to self heal yourself of cancer at home in 3 steps (1) stop the spread of cancer, (2) place the cancer in remission and (3) remove all the cancer from your body. Read More

Love Energy Center Cancer Healing Treatments. We have 35 Love Energy Centers in 8 countries giving Love Energy Cancer Healing Treatments using 27 Love Energized Healing Crystals. Read More/Locate your nearest center

Comparison of Cancer Healing Methods. A choice, our 100% safe natural healing treatments using Unconditional Love Energies and Love Energized Healing Crystals with side effects of joy, or chemotherapy's not so safe, not so effective treatments of unnatural chemicals and nuclear radiation with side effects of hair loss, nausea, vomiting and death. Read More

Wearable Love Energized Cancer Healing Crystal Soul Lover Bracelets. The wearing of jewelry started when Love Energy Adepts used Love Energy Enhancement Ceremonies to activate the healing attributes in Love Energized Crystals so the wearer of the crystals could be healed simply by wearing a bracelet and using a mantra. Read More/See Bracelets for Cancer.

Love Energized Cancer Healing Crystal Sculptures. 9th level Love Energy Healing Adepts for thousands of years have healed people of health problems with Unconditional Love Energies and Love Energized Healing Crystals. Click Here to see more items, for larger pictures, descriptions and prices of Ra Family's Love Energized Healing Crystal Sculptures for Cancer.

Love Energized Cancer Healing Salve. Our Sacred Healing Salves for Cancer are created in 7 different ancient ceremonies that infuse Unconditional Love Energies into natural beeswax and essences from 7 unique healing plants from around the world, that were cooked together in the ancient way over a wood stove. People suffering from cancer have found comfort and pain relief by applying the healing energies of the salve, as directed in the instructions of each 2oz/59ml tin of Sacred Healing Salve. Order Here

Advanced Wisdom and Cancer Healing Love Energy Techniques. We offer 3 levels of Advanced Ancient Wisdom and Love Energy Techniques Classes. These classes are taught in person by senior Teachers who have been personally trained by Ga Ra and Za Ra.

Free Online Love Energy Test and a Free Love Energy Technique. Online test determines the type and level of Love Energies you can feel. Free technique enables you to consciously infuse Love Energies of Joy into you.

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We, Ga Ra and Za Ra, lost our mothers to cancer. Za Ra left a high level diplomatic post to care for her mother until she died. Then, she began a world wide search for the Love Energy Techniques that would heal cancer a journey that took her from the high mountains of South America to the sea level tropical jungle of Kerala in southern India.

Ga Ra searched 50 years throughout the Americas, Europe and the South Pacific to find True Knowledge and wisdom that would heal cancer. Today, after 5 years of working together, we can now offer you our 100% safe and effective wisdom and techniques to self heal cancer.

In Memory of Evelyn Louise Smith and Nadia Thérese Lazic

Our Cancer Healing Love Energy Techniques are dedicated to the memories of Evelyn Louise Smith and Nadia Thérese Lazic who died of cancer before their children, Ga Ra and Za Ra, could find the way to heal cancer.


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