4D Angelic Minds and Soul Bodies
3D Earthly Brains and Physical Bodies

Each of us has chosen to incarnate into temporary 3rd dimensional physical bodies during a series of lifetimes in order to gain memories and expand Consciousness with our experiences in free will decision making and the consequences of our free will decisions. As taught long ago by our ancestors, and by us today in our Classes and Recordings, the actual you is your Consciousness, (or your memories), from all of your lifetimes that is the essence of your permanent 4th dimensional Angelic Mind and Soul Body.

As recorded in the ben Panther family records and in the 100,000 scrolls of Thoth and Seshat, one continues to reincarnate into a series of temporary physical bodies until one's permanent Consciousness expands with a sufficient amount of Angelic level achievements of properly helping others in need. Once one has fully expanded one's Consciousness, one doesn't have to reincarnate any more and is allowed to remain in the wonders and joyous environment of the 4th dimensional Angelic Kingdom.

Those few of humanity who have Ascended must remain in the Angelic Kingdom until a large majority of the 7 billion humans now living upon planet earth, live an Angelic lifetime and Ascend. If the human race Ascends then individual Ascended Humans will receive an Archangel's Mind and Soul Body. In this way, the Ascended Ones of humanity will graduate from the children's level of Angels up into the 5th dimensional Kingdom of Heaven as adult Archangels.

Right now it looks doubtful that humanity will fulfill its destiny but we remain hopeful. We will continue to observe and train people every week how to use 5th dimensional energies of Bliss to heal their bodies and to fly with the Archangels so Love Fest participants are properly prepared to permanently Ascend to the prophesied place where there is no pain, suffering or death, the same place we have visited for years in our 4D Angelic Soul Body and 5D Archangelic Soul Body during our weekly Love Fests.

Click Here to read about people's amazing experiences during the healing and Consciousness Expanding portions of our weekly Love Fests where we fly, or bilocate, in the 5th dimensional Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss with Archangels, who were known as "Eagle People" or "Thunderbirds" by indigenous peoples around the world.


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