Advanced Wisdom and
Cancer Healing Love Energy Techniques

We offer 3 levels of Advanced Ancient Wisdom and Love Energy Techniques Classes. These classes are taught in person by senior Teachers who have been personally trained by Ga Ra and Za Ra.

Our Activator Class enables you to activate 1st and 2nd level Merkabas using Unconditional Love Energies to connect your temporary 3D physical body, your permanent 4D Angelic Soul Body and your permanent 5D Archangelic Soul Body so you may self heal your body of cancer while consciously bilocating to distant locations and enjoying Out of Body Experiences that expand your Consciousness. Prerequisite: Basic Wisdom and Love Energy Techniques at home recordings. Read More

Our Healer Class enables you to heal others using the Unity Consciousness level Unconditional Love Energies that you create upon simultaneously activating 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th level Merkabas. A Healer's activations connect one's temporary physical body and one's multidimensional Soul Bodies so one may properly heal others with expanded Consciousness. Prerequisite: Activator Class Read More

We also offer our new One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings that teach one an amazing amount of wisdom and techniques. These recordings teach one how to properly activate a 1st level Permanent Merkaba and enjoy expanding one's Consciousness in a series of 7 Out of Body Experiences, three of which enable one to self heal one's cancer using the 4 Love Energized Healing Seer Stones included with the One Merkaba package of recordings. Read More


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Cancer Healing Techniques
Founders Ga Ra and Za Ra
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