History of Love Energy Healing Treatments

The history of Love Energy Healing Treatments in their present form is a 10,000 year lineage. Vast amounts of healing wisdom and knowledge about Unconditional Love Energies were lost in the Great Flood of 3114 BC. Thoth Hermes Trismegistus and his wife Seshat around 2500 BC resurrected the Ancient Ones' Love Energy Techniques.

Together, they wrote down the ancient healing wisdom and techniques as well as other lost knowledge upon 100,000 scrolls. Thoth is revered in the western world as the god who created the healing arts. Seshat is revered in Egypt as the goddess of history and as written in Egypt's sacred scriptures, "Seshat opens the door of heaven for you". And this is what the Love Energy Techniques do, they open the door to the 9 Levels of Heaven and Enlightenment.

Thoth and Seshat were 9th level Merkaba Mystics, as were their descendants some 2,500 years later. And so it was that Jesus/Yeshua and his wife Mary Magdalene were specifically chosen and taught by God how to daily activate and infuse all 9 dimensional levels of Unconditional Love Energies into their Love Energized Merkabas so while living in a 3rd dimensional physical body they could still access and work with Unconditional Love Energies from all 9 levels of Heaven in this universe.

Thoth, Seshat, Jesus/Yeshua and Mary Magdalene healed people by teaching them to self heal the cause of their health problem in the ancient pre-flood way. Before giving a healing they first taught people how to love themselves, how to exchange "bad karma" for good actions in this lifetime and how to rebirth themselves so that people could activate a Temporary Merkaba and self heal the cause of their health problem using Love Energy Techniques to cut their karmic ties to past actions and to remove the energies of stress from their earthly physical body and Angelic Soul Body.

Once a person self healed themselves of the cause of their health problem either Thoth, Seshat, Jesus/Yeshua, Mary Magdalene or one of their trained Love Energy Adept Healers were able to use a flow of Unconditional Love Energies to quickly heal a person from the effect of their health problem. An ancient and modern fact of life is that karma and stress cause 100% of adult cancer cases.


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