Love Energized Seer Stones for Cancer

Love Energized Seer Stones are a special type of Healing Crystal that come from a river in Brazil. Seer Stones are crystals that have been worn smooth by the river. Seer Stones only have one side that has been cut and polished as you can see in the pictures.

We use 3 Seer Stones of Amethyst, Clear Quartz and Rose Quartz in our Guided Bilocation Meditations for cutting karmic ties and removing stress so you may self heal the source or cause of your cancer and place it in full remission.

Then, you use a 4th Seer Stone of Smoky Quartz in our One Merkaba recording to remove all cancer from your body. Advanced Love Energy Adepts like Thoth/Enoch, Seshat, Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene as well as ourselves are able to Love Energize and use all types of crystals for healing people of health problems.

Love Energizing Crystals is a wondrous process of first hand washing crystals in Healing Waters after saying a power prayer to remove all of the energies from all of the people who handled the crystals. However, the Love Energizing of our Seer Stones for you to use in your self healing of cancer is an amazing multistep process.

First there is a power prayer followed by the hand washing of each Seer Stone in order to remove the energies of other people that could decrease Love Energies. Next, Seer Stones are placed in our Love Energy Healing Chamber that was built with copper mesh to prevent wireless technological energies from decreasing the Love Energies or interfering in any way with the Seer Stone's instruction period for healing cancer.

In our Healing Chamber, Seer Stones for cancer are taught how to help people self heal themselves of cancer. Love Energized Cancer Healing Seer Stones are then stored in the Healing Chamber until they are sent to people with cancer. As a purchaser of our Guided Bilocation Meditations and One Merkaba sets of recordings you are able during a special power prayer in each recording to have your physical body and Angelic Soul Body attuned to the Love Energized Cancer Healing Seer Stones so you may heal your cancer in a safe and effective manner.


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