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Cancer Healing Treatments

We have Love Energy Healers at 35 Love Energy Centers in 8 countries who are trained to give Love Energy Cancer Healing Treatments using 27 Unconditional Love Energized Healing Crystals. Love Energy Cancer Healing Treatments heal both the source and effect of cancer. Each Love Energy Healer has trained to heal people for more years than an MD.

Our Love Energy Healers also spend a minimum of 3-5 hours a week attending advanced Love Energy Healing Training Sessions as part of their Continuing Education requirements. Click Here to read more about our Love Energy Healers and our natural Love Energy Healing Treatments.

Click Here to email us with your city, state/province and country so we may direct you to your nearest Love Energy Center.

We recommend a family member of a person with cancer become a Love Energy Healer so they may give their loved one daily Love Energy Cancer Healing Treatments. There are two prerequisites to become a fully trained Love Energy Healer. First complete our Basic Love Energy Techniques home study course and second attend an Activator Class.


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Cancer Healing Techniques
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