Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Cancer

Scientists and medical doctors are unable to find a cure for cancer because they haven't solved "the puzzle that has baffled cancer investigators: Why do many cells that have cancer genes never turn cancerous?" The answer is simple, cancer can develop in 60% of people with certain cancer genes because they have a lack of Love Energies, but 40% of people with the same cancer genes do not get cancer because they have sufficient Love Energies in their bodies.

Cancerous cells contain positive ion and super positive ion atoms that are missing one or more units of love energies, (or electrons). We use negative ion and super negative ion atoms that have one or more extra units of Unconditional Love Energies that transform sickly diseased positive ion atoms into normal energetically balanced healthy atoms that is a 3 step process in our Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Cancer.

  1. Stop the Spread of Cancer
  2. Place the Cancer in Remission
  3. Remove all Cancer from the Body

Stop the Spread of Cancer

Drink 3 to 4 glasses of Negative Ionized Silver Colloidal Love Energized Healing Waters every day and transform your cancer cells into healthy cells. (Make at home using our Healing Waters recording with a small piece of silver wire and water from your faucet).

Reduce the number of cancer causing positive ions of stress within you by using the wisdom and techniques in the Fire Ceremony of our Karma recording that will enable you to cleanse the pain of past events that cause you stressful energies of anger or regret in the present when you think of certain very unpleasant past events. We also recommend listening to the Forgiveness recording and using the techniques on a regular basis until your cancer is in remission.

Imagine using the Ah Yah Ah Dance of Love and Light recording with its guided free movement dancing that removes cancer causing positive ion atoms from your body and replaces them with negative ion atoms. In dancing together, one 2nd dimensional sickly positive ion atom and one 4th dimensional super healthy negative ion atom are naturally transformed into two 3rd dimensional healthy energetically balanced atoms.

In addition, we suggest wearing a Love Energized Cancer Healing Crystal Bracelet and daily saying the Cancer Healing Power Prayer and Power Mantra, (that come with the bracelet), and/or use one of our Love Energized Cancer Healing Crystal Sculptures, as directed in the information packet, (that comes with the sculpture), so you may stop the spread of your cancer and begin self healing your cancer.

Place the Cancer in Remission

Karma and stress cause 99% of health problems and 100% of adult cancer cases. Therefore, we created two special and unique Guided Bilocation Meditation recordings, one for the removal of stress and one for the cutting of karmic ties each comes with 3 Seer Stone Healing Crystals. Karma is not only for past life actions as there is also karma for one's actions in this life.

Today's world is being flooded with disease causing positive ion atoms from wireless technological energies. These positive ion atoms are now causing stress in people around the world. Thus, in these conditions it is now best to listen to each of these two recordings at least once a week, using your 3 Healing Crystals as directed, until your cancer is in remission.

Removing all Cancer from the Body

After using the wisdom and techniques in the first two steps, when your 3rd dimensional physical body is in harmony with your 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Body, you are now ready to remove all cancer from your body using the Advanced Self Healing Techniques contained in our One Merkaba set of recordings that come with 4 Seer Stone Healing Crystals.

This unique set of recordings contains a vast amount of esoteric wisdom and many Consciousness expanding techniques, including a self healing series of 3 bilocations, that enable one to use a mantra together with visualization techniques and enjoy Out of Body Experiences while healing one's body of cancer using 4 Healing Crystals within a Love Energized 1st level Merkaba.

After listening to the wisdom and consciously using the Unconditional Love Energies of Joy to activate a permanent 1st level Merkaba, you bilocate to our Love Energy Sanctuary in your permanent 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Body and follow the directions in the One Merkaba Audio DVD or Flash Drive for healing health problems with the special instructions in our Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Cancer Booklet.

Click Here to read some experiences from people who are currently using these same healing type bilocations to our Love Energy Sanctuary during our weekly self healing Love Fests.

Our Cancer Healing Package includes single recordings of our Karma, Sacred Healing Waters and Dance of Love and Light; our double recording of Forgiveness and our multiple Guided Bilocation Meditation recordings with 3 Healing Crystals each for Stress and Karma; our amazing 4+ hour One Merkaba Activation Technique recording package that comes with palo santo incense, beeswax candles and 4 Healing Crystals in a silk pouch; a Cancer Healing Crystal Bracelet; as well as Healing Salves for Cancer and Stress; together with a Cancer Healing Book with detailed information, a daily guide, instructions and illustrations.

Purchased separately this would be over $600, so to help you we offer our entire Cancer Healing Package for $444 plus postage from US. Buy.

We also offer a budget Cancer Healing Package for $375 that is without our unique Cancer Healing Bracelet that is shipped to you from Africa. Buy.


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