Love Fests for Healing Cancer

Love Fests is a name we created to describe the wonders of using Unconditional Love Energies to rise above the reality of the 3rd dimensional level of hell up into the actuality of the 4th and higher dimensional levels of Heaven. We realize it is not easy to hear 3D reality is hell but that is how it is.

Each Love Fest begins with our Advanced Dance of Light that is taught in our Activator Classes. This dance allows participants to fully cleanse their physical body of positive ions from the 2nd level of hell in the form of wireless technological energies, GMO food and the unnatural chemicals in our polluted air, water and food supplies.

Next, we invite the Ascended Ones of humanity in their 4th dimensional Angelic Soul Bodies, as well as Ascended Ones from the higher dimensional levels of Heaven, to dance with us during our Advanced Dance of Love that is taught in our Activator Classes. This unique dance enables participants to fill their physical bodies and Soul Bodies with negative and super negative ions of Unconditional Love Energies.

Then, after cleansing hellish positive ions from their bodies and replacing them with heavenly negative ions, participants are ready for their Self Anointing Ceremony using Love Energized, Negative Ionized Sacred Healing Waters during which participants are given an opportunity to communicate with God, or with God's highest level representative that a participant's level of Unconditional Love Energies is ready for.

Ga Ra begins the ceremony by saying a unique power prayer that opens up a flow of God's highest level Unconditional Love Energies to each participant so they may self anoint themselves with the super negative ions of Sacred Healing Waters. In this way, the communication process begins, enabling the participant to select the perfect self healing or self help power mantra to use during the Love Fest.

A unique mantra for each Love Fest enables participants during the Squeeze Yoga Technique to remove energies that would prevent them from receiving the self healing or self help that they request in their mantra for that Love Fest. This same mantra is also used during the participant's self healing bilocations.

Next, participants repeat their specific power mantra, for that specific Love Fest, for 2-3 minutes, as they perform our Squeeze Yoga Technique that removes from one's physical body energies that would prevent one from attaining what one requests in one's power mantra. Then, our Song of Oneness infuses Unconditional Love Energies into a participant's physical body to replace all removed energies.

Filled with Unconditional Love Energies, a participant relaxes in their new heightened Love Energy levels and listens to a short lecture by Ga Ra. Then, they perform our Dance of Love with Love Energized Healing Crystals. Next, they bilocate to our Love Energy Sanctuary with their Healing Crystals and enjoy self healing themselves using their Power Mantra from God.

The grand finale of every Love Fest is a unique Guided Bilocation Meditation to a distant place where there is no pain, suffering or death. This is the Land of the Ascended Archangels where participants are able to receive immense flows of Unconditional Love Energies of Bliss and Beyond Bliss. There are 5 bilocations in our Love Energy Sanctuary and 3 bilocations in the distant location that will enable you to self heal your cancer.

In this way, Conscious Awarenesses of Love Fest participants are able to leave hell and visit Heaven for 2 hours during Love Fest teleconferences, while their physical bodies remain in the comfort of their home. Participants from Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, Europe and the South Pacific attend Love Fests every week using Skype and a teleconferencing center.

All Love Fests are recorded and can be accessed at any time worldwide by participants. Live Love Fests are held on Wednesdays and Saturdays at 3pm GMT. Cost is $35 a month for once a week and $70 a month for twice a week.
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