Natural Love Energy Cancer Treatments versus
Unnatural Chemical Therapy with Nuclear Radiation

There are two very different approaches to healing cancer and both have side effects. The side effects of Natural Love Energy Treatments are happiness, Joy and Bliss. The side effects of chemo therapy's unnatural chemicals and nuclear radiation are nausea, vomiting, hair loss, death, etc.

Our Natural Love Energy Treatments are able to heal both the cause and the effect of cancer. Chemo's unnatural chemicals and nuclear radiation can only place the effect of cancer in remission because chemo only works on the effect not the cause or source of cancer. In addition, chemo only works when the patient gets so sick that they want to die.

A fact of life well known to religious people and doctors is that when one is ready to die, one begins forgiving oneself and others for all past actions in life. When people involved in those past actions visit the person dying of cancer, upon seeing how sick the person is, they forgive the person for past actions. Only in this way does a person who is enduring chemo become able to partially heal the source of their cancer and it goes into remission.

However, if the forgiveness is only temporary, then anger or regret over past actions will begin once again to deposit positive ions in one's body, and one's cancer comes out of remission. Permanent forgiveness is the key to healing cancer permanently. Thus, among the 4 recordings we recommend to stop the spread of cancer in our Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Cancer is our Forgiveness recording.

We also offer Love Energized Cancer Healing Treatments at 35 locations in 8 countries. The choice of Love Energy or Chemo cancer treatment is yours, to help you decide, here are comparisons of the side effects and costs.

  Cancer Treatments

  Love Energy
Typical Hospital
Chemo Therapy

Side Effects Happiness, Joy
and Bliss
Hair Loss, nausea,
vomiting, death, etc.

Costs $375 - $444 $200,000 +++



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