People's Self Healing Adventures while Bilocating in an Out of Body Experience to our Love Energy Sanctuary

We have given weekly guided bilocation adventures during our worldwide Love Fests for many years, but in the last few months we have bilocated to the same locations and in the same sequence that we guide people to in our One Merkaba home study course during a series of self healing, self help and Consciousness Expanding Bilocations in our Love Energy Sanctuary.

The healing bilocations have been so needed and I have been so grateful for them. Today's healing energies were totally at new heights with new experiences. Wrapped up in the healing rainbow mists, then allowing the dewdrops to fall and walking on the lake provided intensely comforting healing energies.
CC India

The bilocations in the Sacred Sanctuary were fabulous and I had such feelings when I lay down in the water creating enormous expansions of Consciousness, during the healing too with the rainbow Energies and while using the crystals I held in my hand, it was so powerful and amazing to feel the Love Energies that danced and swirled, filling my physical body, my Emotional Body and the place where I did the healing. What an experience I also enjoyed when I walked on the clouds with the Teraphim who danced around me, I received incredible Energies and the feelings were stupendous.
TS France

Those travels are just so beautiful and exquisite. The unearthly high hill is beautiful and arriving there is such a relief. When the Song Of Oneness started I could see and feel those bliss energies radiating all throughout my body and purifying my blood. I really love these rainbow mists. Next as you took us to the white fluffy cloud I lay down there and let the crystals dance around me in their healing dance. That was so great and the next thing I knew everything was just colored dots all spinning.

Travelling through the rainbow mists was a treat and very magical. I could feel the mist on my face enlivening my being as the rainbows colours shone the way to higher levels of consciousness and beyond bliss. Moving up to the fluffy white clouds I came to another realization. I felt so safe and comforted and within this state of being I realized that I could just be. I felt so incredibly safe and loved and that things where taken care of and really all I had to do was be and enjoy taking part in the healing experience while the crystals swirled and twirled like birds in flight.
MN South Africa

Usually I don't perceive much in the way of colors but today, after levitating to the top of the forest, I perceived differently when we were doing healing treatments with the crystals their blue energy emanating, entering me in a pulsating way and filling me completely.
EA France

When we did the bilocation with the crystals and did healings I felt the healing work at the place I asked for the healing. During the whole bilocation at each place that I did the healing, I felt these flows of love where I asked for a healing; when I went on the moon goddess and did healings, all that feeling of love was wow.
MB Canada

The energies were much higher at the Love Energy Sanctuary. I could really feel it at the top of the hill while dancing in the trees, around and in the fountain, and mists. Great healing energies flowed through and around me as I sat on my Moon Goddess Rock. There was also Immense energy as we danced up in the clouds.

During the bilocation session, I flew to the sacred mountain where we gathered together and began flying over the magnificent forest bordered by majestic trees. They seemed to greet us. The flowers released a delicate perfume, like at dawn where beads of dew sparkled and shone a thousand splinters. I was transported to the clouds that danced a wonderful and gentle dance. I lay with crystals on my Higher Heart, and I infused myself with these beautiful energies in the clouds. My Consciousness was expanded and my body continued to receive healing energies, it was incredibly beautiful. At one point, the Moon Goddesses surrounded me, and I asked them to help me to heal myself. I felt a flow both warm and soft around me. My body was bathed in blue light and indigo.
MT France

At the sanctuary of Love and bi-location, I felt the Love Energy intensity flowing into me, I saw myself walking on the water and I felt drops of water flowing into all parts my body. I felt the Moon Goddess Love Energy and everything was vibrating in me. I saw myself sitting on the rock and I felt the communication it was Wow! Wow! Tears of joy were running down my cheeks, I could see myself lying on the cloud and felt the intensity of the crystals Love Energies flowing into me. I felt the healing Love Energy intensity in all parts of my body.
DB Canada

The Guided Bilocation Adventures were awesome, plain and rich, with so many Healing stages, WOW! On the Terrace, I used the dewdrops from the fragrance blossoms to self-heal myself.On the fluffy white Cloud, I was lying down and my crystals dancing around me with beautiful colors...
TC France


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