The Out of Body Experience of Bilocation

Bilocation is an Out of Body Experience that can occur when one's Conscious Awareness goes beyond the limitations of one's normal 3D human brain into the wonders of one's supernormal 4D Human Mind. There are 3 types of Out of Body Experiences but bilocation is the only one done in a conscious manner.

Bilocation is defined in dictionaries as "the ability to be in two places at the same time." One can be in two places at the same time because one's physical body is only a very small part of one's total Consciousness as fully explained in our One Merkaba Activation Technique package of recordings and in our Activator Classes where one learns bilocation techniques and personally experiences multiple bilocations to distant locations.

It is a proven fact that a normal "sane" person needs regular 1st level Out of Body Experiences or they become subnormal and go "insane" within 2 weeks if they are deprived of their normal 1st level Out of Body Experiences that occur naturally during Rapid Eye Movement periods of deep sleep.

At night when your physical body sleeps, you have a 1st level Out of Body Experience when your Conscious Awareness transcends your normal 3D brain and enters your supernormal 4D Mind. In this way, the Mind of your 4D Angelic Soul Body sends messages and healing energies in the form of dreams to the brain of your sleeping 3D physical body.

A 2nd level Out of Body Experience occurs when one has a near death experience and their physical body temporarily dies before it is resuscitated back to life. These are the times when one sees beyond 3D Reality and is able to perceive 4D Actuality and the permanent 4D Angelic Soul Bodies of "dead" family members and friends awaiting reincarnation into new 3D physical bodies.

A 3rd level Out of Body Experience will naturally unfold for you when you consciously create a Love Energized Merkaba and bilocate to a distant location to perform action. This type of 3rd level Out of Body Experience has been used for thousands of years by Love Energy Healing Adepts to expand Consciousness as well as to help heal their family members and friends living in distant lands.

The Love Energy Healing Adepts known as Yeshua/Jesus and Mary Magdalene used 3rd level bilocation techniques to visit each other as she wrote about in her "Gospel of Mary Magdalene" 2,000 years ago. Click Here to read about her bilocation experiences.

A group of people twice a week, use the same bilocation techniques and bilocate to the same locations taught in our new One Merkaba Activation Technique's package of recordings. Click Here to read their recent personal Guided Bilocation Experiences on self healing during our twice a week "Love Fests" with Activators, Healers and Teachers.


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