What is Cancer?

The dictionary defines cancer as "a malignant and invasive growth with a tendency to recur after surgery and spread to other areas."

Common Sense Questions and Common Sense Answers:

What causes a growth to become malignant?

One's Karma from one's last lifetime results in the genetically weak areas of one's current physical body in this lifetime. A human body was designed to automatically deposit the energies of stress in the genetically weakest area of a human body. Thus, if the positive ions of stress are not removed, a growth will begin growing in that area and in time will become malignant.

Once the malignant growth has been surgically removed, how is it possible for the cancer to spread into other areas of a human body?

This is because the surgical removal of a malignant growth can only heal the effect of cancer. The cause of the cancer has not been healed nor has it been treated by the surgeon. Thus, another group of cancer cells becomes cancerous since the karma and source of cancer has not been treated. The karma of cancer is God's Will in action. It is an ancient fact of life that karma and stress cause 100% of adult cancer cases.

Can cancer be healed naturally without surgery, unnatural chemicals and/or nuclear radiation?

The answer is yes. We have already naturally healed people of cancer because we heal both the cause of cancer as well as the effect of cancer in the malignant growth using our Love Energy Techniques and Love Energized Healing Crystals.

People can self heal their cancer, but only if they heal both the cause and the effect of their cancer. The effect of cancer is the cancerous malignant growth. However, it is karma, (or God's will in action), that is the source and cause of cancer. Recent scientific studies verify cancer mutations are karmic. A recent scientific report states cancer occurs in unknown "regions that control genes, not in the genes themselves".

Scientific studies prove 60% of people who have a certain combination of genes in their DNA will get cancer. But, science is unable to explain why 40% of people with the same genes will not get cancer, because science refuses to admit the existence of karma and reincarnation. Karma, (as explained in our "Karma" recording), can be for actions done in this lifetime or a previous lifetime.

Karma can also be a spiritual test for Enlightenment and Ascension in this lifetime. The karma for your current lifetime was recorded in the DNA of your physical body at the time of your body's conception. As explained in our Karma recording, you chose your current physical body and parents knowing the strengths and weaknesses recorded in the DNA of your physical body.

Life as an adult means that stressful events will occur to you. It is how you handle and resolve stress filled events that determines whether or not you store stress in your body or release it. Stress is cumulative and can rapidly build up to cause cancer in the genetically weakest areas of your body.

Everyone has cancer cells within their body, but most people never develop cancer. In today's world, science can tell you that if you have a certain combination of genes, (aka karma), in your DNA that you have a 60% chance of developing cancer. But, science cannot explain to you why 40% of people with the same genes will not get cancer.

The answer is that while one's karma for this lifetime includes a combination of genes in one's DNA that result in 60% of people getting cancer, it is one's free will choices in life that determine whether one gets cancer. It is also one's free will choice whether one's cancer gets healed because you can use Unconditional Love Energies to change the energies in your DNA.

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