Why and How does One get Cancer?

One gets cancer as a result of karma from one's last lifetime and karma from this lifetime, (or one's cancer can be a spiritual test as explained in our Classes and Recordings). However, our Love Energy Techniques can heal the cause and effect of all types of cancer. Medical science says all people are born with cancer cells in their body but scientists are "baffled" why many cancer cells will not become cancerous.

Science and medical doctors are unable to find a cure for cancer because they haven't solved "the puzzle that has baffled cancer investigators: Why do many cells that have cancer genes never turn cancerous?" The answer is cancer develops in 60% of people with certain genes because they have a lack of Love Energies, but 40% of people with the same genes do not get cancer because they have sufficient Love Energies in their bodies.

The answer why 60% of people will get cancer is simple and unique, because of an accumulation of stress and continued anger, fear and/or regret over stress filled past unpleasant events. Conversely, the 40% accepted stressful events as part of life and/or as karmic paybacks or as spiritual tests. In summary, the 40% managed their stress levels and infused negative ions into their bodies so that the positive ions of stress did not build up and begin causing cancer cells to become cancerous.

The 60% started building a malignant growth by reliving past unpleasant events and getting angry, fearful and/or regretful again in the present. This process subjects one's body to another dose of angry positive ion energies. In this way, positive ions of stress are continuously deposited in the karmically and genetically weakest area of a human body causing cancer cells to become cancerous and begin spreading out to infect nearby healthy cells.

If you have been diagnosed with cancer, before subjecting your body to the horrific side effects of chemo therapy, please try our natural 100% safe and effective way to self heal yourself of cancer using our Love Energy Techniques for Self Healing Cancer Package for a fraction of the cost of chemo. Even better the side effects of our natural methods are happiness, Joy and Bliss.


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Cancer Healing Techniques
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